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This is one of the best reads in the last year. Frightening. Google, Facebook and Amazon are diverting users through apps and hardware to "bypass the Web." This way they "have more authority over data traffic."

Lost Transformers episode: Corebus was a robot that changed into a bus. Thus, all the autobots hated him because even people who *are* vehicles themselves despise public transit despite the good it does.

DRUG DEALER: Here's a free taste.
USER: OMG I want more of this!
DEALER: That will cost you.

DEVELOPER: Our API allows you to connect to us in interesting ways.
USER: So useful!
DEV: We trimmed the API to force users to our site/app for ad revenue.

This movie is 76% Neil Breen on the phone, 10% Breen throwing things, 14% other characters on the phone.

40 minutes into another Breen butt and 2 more laptops hit the floor.

No bras were harmed or used in the making of this film.

20 seconds of my life I'll never get back--
BREEN: Where are my pills? I can't find my pills!
*spouse brings them*
BREEN: Thank you!
*looks at bottle*
BREEN: I don't need these anymore. I'm not going to take them.

Twenty minutes into , Neil Breen butt shots: 2.
Laptops hitting the floor: 2.

Watching for tomorrow night's @FilmFrown. The most convincing actor so far is this doctor's toupée which isn't saying much.