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Avengers: Field of Dreams-
Spider-man gets mortally wounded fighting Thanos and Doctor Strange steps out of his costume into his medical doctor persona to save Peter and is never again able to be the sorcerer supreme.

Hello! It is I, Potential Customer 3,866,912! Wishing everyone a wonderful day of buying goods and services!

I seriously enjoy because it is a small community of people having conversations. I can connect to other friends in their own communities too! Many available via
I encourage you to check it out.

BREAKING: The US government finally takes action to curb school shootings by legalizing hand grenades.

This Tom Gauld comic is perfect. Come on we're better than this. What makes us human is that we're imperfect. Let's come together in that.

No need to be sad if you're alone on Valentine's Day. Tomorrow a shit ton of chocolate goes on clearance. A total win. 👏🏽

I took an old Android phone and made it an IP Cam to watch the dog from afar and give her space. My old Macbook laptop starts dying trying to watch the live feed. I really need to drop OS X and put Linux on it to try and eek a few more years out of the boat anchor.

The biological warfare of the US: fast food.
I was wrong, greed in the form of capitalism won't kill us. It's marketing.

The headphone jack is universal. Removing it from devices will mean new licensed technology. Welcome to the future where your headphones aren't compatible with your new laptop. Yet, there's so much more possible with audio jacks.